Out of Home

The sizes provided in this category are the most common. Please note that the sizes can vary slightly by media outlet and company, artwork may need to be adjusted slightly in-house. All artwork changes will be sent to clients for final approval prior to production.

Ad Sizes:

30 Sheet Billboard
Mechanical Size: 8.7” H x 19.35” W
Live Area: 8.7” H x 19.35” W

30 Sheet Billboard (alt. size)
Mechanical Size: 10.5” H x 22.8” W
Live Area: 10.5” H x 22.8” W

14’ x 48’ Billboard
Mechanical Size: 14”H x 48”W
Live Area: 14”H x 48”W

Mechanical Size: 69”H x 47”W
Live Area: 66”H x 45”W

Bus Shelter
Mechanical Size: 69”H x 48”W
Live Area: 67”H x 46”W

Airport Diorama - Horizontal
Mechanical Size: 43”H x 62”W
Live Area: 39”H x 58”W

Airport Diorama - Vertical
Mechanical Size: 69”H x 47”W
Live Area: 64.5 “ H x 43.5” W

Interior Bus Cards
Mechanical Size: 29”W x 11”H
Live Area: 27”W x 10”H


  • All images should be at least 300 DPI-600 DPI at Mechanical Size.
  • Artwork should be created in either Adobe Illustrator CC or Adobe InDesign CC.
  • All InDesign files should be supplied with all supporting artwork, logos and fonts.
  • Mechanicals and high-resolution artwork should be supplied via Dropbox, Hightail, WeTransfer or other file transfer service.