Programmatic Native

Native creatives are comprised of assets of multiple types including images and text. Because of the diversity of contexts where native ads may be displayed, we recommend providing multiple assets so that we can pick the best one to match each impression. To get maximum reach, please follow the guidelines below. Individual supplier requirements have been provided for reference, but you may limit your reach if use only supplier-specific formats. 

All character count limits include spaces. For example, the phrase " brings fresh water to thirsty people" contains 39 letters, one punctuation mark, and six spaces for a total of 46 characters. 

Native Display and Native Video


If you intend to run native ads across multiple supply partners, please use the guidelines below. If you are only interested in buying from a single partner, then we recommend you follow their guidelines. 

0. Master-Native Vendor Channels.jpg

App Install Ads


Do not include a Store Name asset type in any app install ad. Google has a bug that will reject any ad with a Store Name asset type.